A luxury home...

a monument to the past

Inside the Pyramid House of Gold was a collection of Egyptian furnishings, artifacts and paintings, including a reproduction of King Tutankhamen's throne; 19th C. Revival Chairs from Sam Goldwyn's Hollywood collection; more than 100 pieces of authentic Egyptian statuary; custom-made Egyptian style china and goldware; and a striking wall hanging of Tutankhamen's mask. All were blended with traditionally styled furnishings in 17,000 square feet of living space.

Covering approximately 200 lineal feet of permanent walls of exhibition hall were hand-painted adaptions of ancient Egyptian cultural scenes. The Gold Pyramid House has aroused international curiosity from as far away as China and Australia, but opened for public touring only recently. As a result, only a relatively few people have experienced the thrill of standing at the foot of this towering structure, only to enter and be surrounded by the interior's intriguing ambiance.

Hours and Admission

Due to a fire on July 17, 2018 the Pyramid House sustained substantial damages and is no longer doing tours of the inside of the house until renovated. This may take several years to restore but we have erected a 4,000 sq ft tent outside and we will be conducting a series of concerts open to the public for a $10.00 admission fee. We have a full bar and newly built washrooms for your convenience.

The Pyramid grounds will be open each Saturday and Sunday from Noon until 6pm with free admission. On nights where a concert is scheduled the $10.00 admission will be required.

If you would like to schedule our next event please contact us for further details.